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Erick Herrin reads the resolution IMG_2874.jpg2011_09_17_10_03_01_831.jpg
Passing the gavelIMG_4116.JPG2ndharvest1.jpeg
2ndharvest1.jpegHarvey Justice keeps the pancakes comingPre-K students who benefited from RIF
Roger Cox works the kitchen5th Grade Students who received books through RIF2ndharvest1.jpeg
Our First Customer of the DayIMG_2875.jpgJim Wozniak & Dixie Wooten
Pancake Breakfast 2009IMG_4108.JPGIMG_4106.JPG
Johnson City
Meetings: Every Wed. at Noon·Millennium Park, 2nd Fl. Ballroom, 2001 Millennium Pl., Johnson City, TN, 37604 ·(304) 674 3190
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